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Sometimes, you will follow a blog and you wont see or hear anything from them in a little while, and then all of a sudden they will thrust a beautiful bearded face across your feed. When I stumbled across this portrait, I was immediately drawn in; I couldn’t get his beard out of my mind. Shot by portrait photographer Mr. Elbank, a hugely talented Brit residing in Sydney, Australia, the man with the killer beard is called Jimmy Niggles who is on a mission to spread the word about checking skin for melanoma after the death of his friend in 2009 from skin cancer. The use of soft lighting and colour, combined with the softness of the face and stripe jumper, makes it near impossible to tear myself away from this image. Although what I really love about this portrait is the way the photographer managed to capture every single…

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This is Dave.

This is Andreas.

This is Scotty.

This is Jatindder.

This is Les.

This is Steve.

This is Zeusy.

This is Chris.

This is Nathan.

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